Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheerios Ad

This Is The Mixed-Race Cheerios Ad All The Idiots Are Complaining About

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A new commercial for Cheerios featuring a mixed-race family has become a target for idiots on the internet.

The anodyne spot features a Caucasian mother, an African-American father and their biracial daughter, but contains no overt messaging, politically correct or otherwise (except that Cheerios are good for you).

Nonetheless, Adweek noted the spot had been propelled onto the front page of Reddit, where it received a plethora of racists remarks. noted a YouTube commentator who allegedly called the spot an "abomination."

Comments under the video have since been disabled — a sure sign they were overwhelmingly negative.

It's 2013, but apparently some parts of America are still not ready to see miscegenation when it comes to cereal.

Source: Business Insider/Judith Grey

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  1. Well, I logged on to the blog with the intention of posting this great video. One of my daughters posted it on my facebook wall and I wanted to share it. Unaware of the negative response, I intended to post it simply because it was adorable and the kind of ad that our kids need to see; an ad depicting a NORMAL family doing NORMAL things.
    Despite the crazies out there, I still say CHEERS TO CHEERIOS!!!

    1. Completely agree! It's funny because I didn't really think anything of it (other than it being clever) till I realized how big this really was. There have been other multiracial families shown in ads for lesser known products from smaller companies ... but this is General Mills. I literally stood up and cheered for Cheerios. Very brave and a long time coming.

      Unfortunately, they had to suspend comments on their YouTube video. Sad isn't it? In 2013, we still have to deal with idiots.

  2. The white race is quickly becoming extinct! Sad, so sad.

  3. No, Anonymous. The "white race" has always been multiracial. "White purity" is a myth.