Friday, April 26, 2013

What are you mixed with?

Jen Bergin is one of the wonderful people who serve on the Project RACE Board of Directors. She posted the paragraph below on Facebook and gave me permission to post it here! What do YOU think?! -Susan 

"I hate it when people ask, "what are you mixed with?" Then I say, "I'm not mixed with anything, dogs are mixed, people are biracial." Then I reluctantly tell them and they respond with something like "really?", "no, I thought you were [fill in the blank I've heard it all]. WHY even waste my time asking?!?!"

1 comment:

  1. There are any number of sarcastic remarks you can make to "what are you mixed with", and if you don't want to answer, a perfect remark would be "love." I find it rude when people you don't know ask those types of questions - they get the sarcasm. It is different from people you do know; close friends with whom you have a relationship, people who are a part of your life - they could ask. In my opinion, "what are you mixed with" is a very rude way of asking a very personal question that you are not obliged to answer.