Sunday, March 10, 2013

Multiracial Advocacy: How to Advocate

People think advocacy is complicated, hard to do, and takes governmental contacts, but there are small things we all can do. I was reminded of this today while taking an online survey. In the personal data section, they listed “mixed race” as a choice. In their comment section, I simply asked for them to change “mixed race” to “multiracial,” and supplied the Project RACE website. If they had a “check only one” format, I would have addressed that, as well.

Will they change their online survey form? I don’t know, but I do know if enough people make retailers aware of the need to accommodate multiracial consumers, things will gradually change. We at Project RACE always send a thank you letter to companies that recognize the multiracial community, and we will post those companies on our website in the future as our members let us know about them.

So, if you see a race/ethnicity form that uses the term “multiracial” and where you have the ability to check more than one race—or if we need to contact a business that does not—please email us at and let us know! 

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