Friday, March 8, 2013

Filmmakers Partner with Multiracial Organization

Inspired by a true story, CROSSING THE RIVER is a short narrative film about a modern-day cross burning, told from the point of view of both the victim and perpetrators.  Seeking to understand how such a thing could still happen in this day and age, the film explores themes of racial tolerance and forgiveness.

Project RACE is very pleased to announce our partnership with the wonderful producer, director and crew of Crossing the River. You can read more about it, including an interview with Susan Graham, Executive Director of Project RACE at the link below. We will have more about this in future posts!


  1. Susan,
    This is GREAT news and very fitting for Project RACE. It has taken a long time for someone who is not affiliated with us to recognize our position of ADVOCACY for Multiracial people. It is important to state that the production company contacted US with the idea of partnership, not vice versa. I urge everyone to read the interview with our Executive
    Director, Susan Graham. This is so exciting.