Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Multiracial Data Representation

Multiracial Data Representation 

Below is the student population pie chart from the California Department of Education. It is the closest illustration to what we need! The only difference is we would have preferred to see "Multiracial" instead of "Two or More Races." Also, if multiracial people are in the combined format used by the US Census Bureau, we do not have an important aggregate number of multiracial people. I wish some of the government folks and "advocates" could understand this concept. -Susan 

Pie chart of 2010-11 student racial/ethnic makeup. Hispanic 51.43%, White 26.63%, Asian 8.52%, African American 6.69%,  Filipino 2.56%, Two or More Races 1.81%, None Reported 1.08%, American Indian or Alaska Native 0.70%, and Pacific Islander 0.58%.

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  1. Seeing this visually is pretty powerful. Way to go California DOE!