Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cheers to Mixed-race Brits and their Census!

Mixed-race Brits rising fast as prejudice wanes

Jessica Ennis Jessica Ennis, face of the Olympics and now face of the new Britain (Graham Hughes) 
MIXED-RACE Britons, epitomised by Jessica Ennis, the Olympic heptathlon champion, are among the nation’s fastest-growing ethnic-minority groups, according to official figures.

New data from the 2011 census to be published on Tuesday is expected to show that at least 1m people were born to parents from different ethnicities.

Academics believe the true number of people from a mixed-race background could be twice this amount, because many of them identified themselves in other categories, such as black or white, on census forms.

The findings coincide with new polling that reveals only 15% of people feel uncomfortable about interracial marriages.Twenty years ago, 40% of Britons expressed concerns about such relationships.
SOURCE:The Sunday Times

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