Thursday, October 18, 2012

Multiracial Book Review

George Crum and the Saratoga Chip

Who wouldn’t love a story about how potato chips were invented? And how cool is it that the inventor was multiracial like me? George Crum grew up in the 1800s. He was both Native American and African American. Besides both being multiracial, I relate to George because he had lots of different interests like hunting, fishing and cooking. There was a lot of prejudice in the 1800s. But George didn’t let that stop him from doing great things. George was a really good cook and got a job cooking at a fancy restaurant with very picky customers. When you read the story you’ll see how one of those picky customers made George invent potato chips almost by accident! Later George opened his own awesome restaurant where he made great food and made sure all people were treated equally. 
I am glad Gaylia Taylor wrote this book. I think it’s awesome to know all the great things that have been done by multiracial people, from being President of the United States to inventing one of my favorite snacks! I also like how this story shows that sometimes good things can come from our mistakes. To go along with this great story are really colorful and fun illustrations by an awesome artist named Frank Morrison. 
The book is for 3rd and 4th graders, but it won lots of awards and I bet younger and older kids will like it too. There is even some information about the Census in the author’s note that my Mom was interested in.
Stay tuned for more book reviews from the awesome stack of books that Lee and Low Books sent me to tell you all about!

                                                Like George, Karson has many interests!                          
President, Project RACE Kids