Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Census Bureau Disregards Multiracial Population

Census Bureau Disregards Multiracial Population

Our US Census Bureau released its statistics for 2011 school enrollment today. They refuse to give us total numbers of multiracial students. They do have the races as “alone” or “in combination” with other races and Hispanic ethnicity. 

We should be given the total number of what they call “in combination” or “people who check more than one race.” They have the data, but they still want a kind of “one drop rule” for a major race IN COMBINATION with another race. We also do not know if they re-tabulate multiracial people into one category or more. They don’t understand that multiracial is an identity itself. Project RACE has put our request in writing to the Census Bureau and Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Some of those tables are below or you can go to the URL below for more data.


School Enrollment

CPS October 2011 - Detailed Tables

Table 1. Enrollment Status of the Population 3 Years Old and Over, by Sex, Age, Race, Hispanic Origin, Foreign Born, and Foreign-Born Parentage: October 2011
  • All Races [XLS - 38k] [CSV - 6k]
  • White alone [XLS - 39k] [CSV - 6k]
  • White alone non-Hispanic [XLS - 45k] [CSV - 5k]
  • Black alone [XLS - 32k] [CSV - 5k]
  • Asian alone [XLS - 39k] [CSV - 5k]
  • Hispanic [XLS - 32k] [CSV - 6k]
  • White alone or in combination [XLS - 38k] [CSV - 6k]
  • White alone or in combination non-Hispanic [XLS - 38k] [CSV - 6k]
  • Black alone or in combination [XLS - 45k] [CSV - 6k]
  • Asian alone or in combination [XLS - 33k] [CSV - 5k]
  • Foreign Born [XLS - 39k] [CSV - 5k]
  • Children of Foreign Born Parents [XLS - 38k] [CSV - 6k]


  1. Not only does this system disregard multiracial students, it is also terribly confusing. Do we know if the "alone or in combination" people are also counted in the "alone" categories.

  2. Hey, MamaCrim! Be careful not to pose complicated questions to the US Census Bureau. You know how easily they get confused. Come to think of it, I doubt they even know what "Multiracial" means. The US Census Bureau wants their data to be confusing. That way no matter what explanation they give about the chart, we still have no idea what it was they said. Typical bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo, it’s just business as usual. Not only does no one know what the other guy is doing, but also, no one knows for sure what they, themselves, are doing! Sad indeed. Cathy sends a big ^5 to MamaCrim!