Friday, September 28, 2012

Multiracial and the Media: The Multiracial Advocacy Blog

Multiracial and the Media 

This past week, most media covered the press release by the Census Bureau about the results of the "Multiple-Race" population. We have been in talks with the bureau about the wording of the classification and as a result they have at least gone to "multiple race," which is better than "People of More than One Race" and "Combination People." They may get to the preferred terminology of "multiracial" yet.

Meanwhile, we rated a portion the media that covered the story:

Excellent Use of the term Multiracial throughout the articles"
Bloomberg News
Washington Examiner
Honolulu Star

Equal time to the use of "Multiracial":
Huff Post

Pew Research
The Sacramento Bee 
Money Talks News

The absolute worst use of terminology:

 Project RACE will continue to try to educate the media.

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