Monday, July 23, 2012

FBI Joins Probe into Threats to Interracial Family

Springfield, Missouri police have handed over to the FBI an investigation into reported threats against a biracial Springfield family.Springfield fire officials reported a fire at the family’s home July 8 did some damage to the home’s exterior.

Assistant Fire Chief Randy Villines said fire marshals have determined the blaze was intentionally set. Days later, on July 13, police responded to the house again after a 28-year-old man reported his car had been vandalized.

A tire had been punctured and scratched into the side of the vehicle, the word “Die” was preceded by the N-word, said Cpl. Matt Brown, police spokesman. A police report shows officers confiscated a knife on the scene and logged it as evidence.

FBI supervisor in Springfield, Josh Nixon, confirmed his office has been in contact with police about the reported threats and said his office would investigate allegations of civil rights violations.Multiple attempts to contact the family have failed.
Source: Springfield, MO

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