Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's hard to tell who exactly said this in The Boston Review, but it appears that it's someone named Chauncey DeVega, but here it is:

"Finally, I am also nervous about handing over the political interests of black people to the ambiguous umbrella term known as "multiracial" alliances. Cooperation does not preclude the pursuit of one's own narrow group interests. However, history has taught many lessons--among them how black folks are often at the vanguard of challenging the system and teaching others how to struggle--only to see African American political interests discarded in the interest of "political expediency" or the 'greatest good for the greatest many'." 
The part about "narrow group interests" bothers me most. The multiracial movement does not try to teach "political expediency." to discredit ANY group. That would be the federal government. 

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