Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project RACE Loves Cheerios 1.0

I'm sure you have heard about the craziness around that Cheerios ad with an interracial family. My family loved it and was pretty shocked that there are still people who are so bothered by families like ours. My family is awesome! We love each other a lot. We are really close. We have so much fun together. We make each other better.  In other words, we are exactly what a family is supposed to be.

We came up with a bunch of ideas for Cheerios commercials of our own in support of General Mills and in response to the crazy people who somehow think we are different than they are. Here's one that my sister, former Project RACE Teens President Kendall Baldwin, and I shot for fun yesterday. We hope you like it and look forward to sharing some others with you soon!

- Karson


  1. I simply cannot understand all the hoopla about a Cheerios commercial and an interracial family. What's the big deal anyway? So a little girl loves her Daddy and wants to help him protect his heart. What's wrong with that? The older sister gets Cheerios all over because they are good for the whole body. There's a problem with that!? Oh, it's because their mother is white. Darn, I must have missed that. There's one thing the bigots keep forgetting--LOVE IS COLORBLIND!

  2. Your video is great, Karson! I am especially impressed that Kendall chose Multigrain Cheerios (all in one box) for your example. Right on, Little Brother.