Friday, May 24, 2013

Project RACE Kids President Recognized by Kohl's Cares

Project RACE Kids Founder and President, 11 year old Karson Baldwin, has been recognized by the Kohl's Cares Scholarship Program for his great work with Project RACE on behalf of multiracial kids. We are proud of Karson who, despite his young age, has demonstrated dedication and creativity in leading this growing organization.

AS PR Kids President, Karson has helped with a minority-focused bone marrow drive and has created a wonderful on-line presence where kids can find stories on multiracial role models, positive books with multiracial characters, relevant news and feature stories, and much much more. Along with Project RACE Teens representatives, he held a family picnic for Project RACE members in his home state and has also selected the first Project RACE Kids Krew to join in these important efforts.

With multiracial kids making up the fastest growing youth group in the country, we applaud Kohl's for recognizing the significant impact of this work! We also appreciate that Kohl's support of the multiracial community goes beyond this recognition, as Kohl's regularly includes a multiracial category on its forms that inquire about an individual's race.  We like that! :)

Congratulations, Karson!

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