Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All-NBA Multiracial Team

Hi! Basketball has been my favorite sport for a long time and  I discovered something very cool at practice last week... I can now palm the ball! I don't think many people my age can do that. When it comes to basketball, it is good to be a big kid with big hands. And from the looks of this article I just found, it's also good to be multiracial!  Blake Griffin has always been one of my favorite players because, not only is he an amazing dunker, he's also multiracial. But I just found this list of the top ten multiracial NBA players. See if your favorite made the list.  - Karson

from - Today’s NBA is a rainbow of colors and races that light up the hardwood floors. It was only a generation or two ago when there were really only two ethnicities playing in the NBA — black and white. And famously, or rather infamously, before that, it was a totally homogenous league where every other race was inexplicably excluded.

Today, not only do the creme de la creme players emanate from the four corners of the world, they are often the offspring of two or more ethnicities. And, actually, there are enough of our multiracial stars to make up an entire team. Let’s take a look.
(to view the slide show click on the link below)

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