Monday, April 15, 2013

Multiracial Super Heroes

I am home sick from school today and surfing the web for cool stuff like wildcats, new Xbox games, best dunks in the NBA and super heroes. I love super heroes and super hero movies. 

I started wondering about how many multiracial super heroes there are. When I searched, I found an article called "10 Well-Known Multiracial Superheroes" ( !  I read all about them and they were cool. My favorite must not be that well-known yet because he didn't make that list. But I wanted to share him with the members of Project RACE Kids and any other super hero fans!

His name is Azari! And you can check him out in the movie NEXT AVENGERS! Doesn't he look epic? Azari is the son of Black Panther and Storm. As you may know, Storm is half black and half white like me. Black Panther is Black. Azari has the same powers as his Dad, Black Panther and limited control over the weather like his Mom, Storm. He also possesses cat-like abilities. Azari flies on a Quinjet, which can reach speeds of mach 2.1. That's 1,599 miles per hour! Awesome!

We know that multiracial people are doing great things in real life.  It's great for multiracial kids like me to see amazing people like us in fiction too!

 - Karson

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