Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mad Props to the YMCA


Recently I became interested in going to an after-care program at my school. A lot of my friends have started to go there and I wanted to go too. My parents decided when my sisters were little that they wanted my Mom to be home to send us off to school and be with us when we got home each day. But, even though my Mom doesn't have a full time job, and I don't HAVE to go, I still want to. 

Being that my parents are AWESOME, they decided that we could look into it - even just for one day a week. But here's what I'm getting at...

When we looked at the registration form, and got to the place where they ask for your race, we noticed that there was a multiracial option!!! That is very, very exciting because not many forms like that allow kids like me to choose multiracial. They might let you check two different boxes, or even worse they may make you neglect part of your heritage all together. But not enough offer a proper way for us to identify ourselves. So, mad props to the YMCA for getting it right. 


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  1. Great news, Karson! Thanks for the wonderful blog post.-Susan