Friday, March 15, 2013

Three things that made me happy yesterday!

Sharing a Black Cherry Smoothie with my Great Grandmother Tucker Dear !
Yesterday I went out for an after-school snack with my 97 year old great grandmother. We call her "Great Grandmother Tucker Dear". She is awesome. She was born in 1915. Her mom was a telephone operator when phone numbers only had 2 or 3 digits. She still remembers when her dad surprised her with her first bike. Later she worked as a nurse taking care of babies during World War II.

I like when she tells me about how different things were when she was my age and she likes learning about things that are new. Sometimes the changes we talk about show that things have gotten worse in the world and sometimes that things have gotten better. Lots of people my great grandma's age still think about things the old way. I'm happy that my grandma is way too smart for that. She knows you can't tell what a person is like because of their race and that one race is no better or worse than another.  She loves me for me!

Sometimes I tell her about what we are doing at Project RACE. She is a member of our new division Project RACE Grandparents! Yesterday I got to tell her some good news. I was just nominated for a scholarship from a big national department store. That's good news, but it gets better!  On the nomination form they had a multiracial option under racial categories. I LOVE when that happens. It feels good to have an option that actually fits me! I like to know that people (besides my family) think about kids like me!

My Great Grandmother Tucker Dear, a Black Cherry Smoothie and Multiracial on a scholarship form...  Yesterday was a great day!

- Karson Baldwin


  1. KARSON BALDWIN!!! You made me cry!! I am so proud of you!!! I will be sure to show Gram this blog when she wakes up...she will be excited! And Congratulations on your nomination!! WAY TO GO! Yet another Baldwin success! Your parents are very proud, I am sure! Love you, Cuz!
    XOXOXO Jill

  2. Love you too, Jill. One question though... why post as anonymous and then sign your name? haha.

  3. What a wonderful story, Karson! Thanks for posting it. -Susan

  4. Congratulations, Karson! We are all proud of you. I love the story about spending time with your great grandmother. What a lucky guy you are! I'm sure she has as much fun with you as you do with her. I am very happy to see that you enjoy the things in life that are really important and so very, very special.