Sunday, February 3, 2013

Multiracial QB leads 49ers to Super Bowl

I am a HUGE Ravens fan. My Dad started his NFL career with the Browns in the 1980s. The Browns later ended up moving to Baltimore and changing their name to the Ravens. A new Browns team started a few years later, but they haven't been too good, so I have stuck with the original Browns... the Ravens. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, my team has made it to the Super Bowl and I am really excited. My Dad cooks Saturday morning breakfasts and only two other times each year - one of them is Super Bowl Sunday. So yesterday we went to an annual Super Bowl breakfast and then he got to cooking his famous chili.  He cooked all day. It smelled so good. I can hardly wait until game time.

But it's not just the Ravens and the chili. There is one more reason why this Super Bowl is so awesome. The 49ers quarterback is a really great guy named Colin Kaepernick. Not only is he an amazing QB but he is also multiracial like me!

He was a 4.0 student in high school. He is an all-around athlete. He was probably as good at baseball as he was at football and was actually drafted to play pro baseball. He was also great at my favorite sport, basketball.

When he was 10 years old (that's how old I am now) Colin got a pet tortoise named Sammy. The tortoise grew to 115 pounds. When he was in 4th grade he wrote himself a letter. That letter predicted that he'd be 6' 4" and would "go to the pros and play on the Niners or Packers."

I love that he set goals and had dreams and worked hard to make them come true. So even though I still want the Ravens to win today, if the 49ers beat them, I will be happy for Colin. He's awesome!

 -- Karson


  1. I'm glad the Ravens won. Even more glad it was an exciting game. And Colin is still awesome.

  2. Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us, Karson!