Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carson Scholars and Ben Carson Reading Rooms

My mom told me about a book she read about Ben Carson. It was called Gifted Hands. It told his story about wanting to be a doctor. But Ben grew up very poor with just his mom and brother. My Mom was really impressed by this man, but she was also really impressed by his mother. His mom stopped school after 3rd-grade, but that did not stop her from challenging her sons to work hard and dream big. And that's what Ben did! He is now a top doctor at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and has done amazing work doing operations that have never been done before. 

I thought it was cool that somebody who had done such great things was named Carson, even if he did spell it with a C instead of a K. But just a couple days ago, we found out that Susan Graham, our Executive Director here at Project RACE is also a huge fan of Dr. Carson. We knew that Dr. Carson had saved a lot of kids' lives in his hospital, but Susan told us about some great things that he is doing for kids outside of the hospital and I wanted to share it with all of you Project RACE Kids!

If you go to this website   you will learn about scholarships that the Carson Scholars Fund offers to kids from 4th to 11th grade who excel academically and serve their communities. You have to be nominated by your school and each school can only nominate one student, but that student could be YOU! 

You will also see another project where Ben raises money to create Reading Rooms in schools.

Check it out !


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  1. Great post, Karson! Dr. Carson is totally awesome and gives to the community in so many ways.