Thursday, January 24, 2013

PR Kids President: "MLK would be proud!"

I worked with my friends Tommy and Jordan cleaning up this beach.

This past weekend I helped out in the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service. Our service project was to help people along the Jersey Shore who are still really in bad shape after Super Storm Sandy. My parents were in charge of this whole project. We had 329 people there to help.

We saw so many destroyed houses including this one in Mantoloking.

The police chief had ordered that kids under 18 were not allowed to work inside houses because it was very dangerous. Many houses were about to fall down. Others that looked okay outside were full of dangerous mold inside. My friends Tommy, Jordan, Matthew and I worked together. 

As Matthew’s dad drove us down the Barrier Island on the way to the area we were assigned to clean, we saw things much worse than I ever saw on the news. I really thought that 3 months after Sandy things would be better.

We saw a bunch of big arcade games on the street. They used to be on a boardwalk that was completely washed away by the storm.  We saw houses on their side and others completely cracked like an eggshell. As we cleaned up the beach, we dug up roof shackles and cinder blocks that were covered with sand, but we have no idea how far away the water brought them from. 

I felt proud of the work we did because I was helping people. I think Martin Luther King, Jr. was proud of us too. I also think he would be really proud of what we are doing for equality at Project RACE. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great person. He did a lot of good for people of different races while he was alive. And even now after he was killed, people are still doing great things in honor of what he stood for. He knew people could make a difference and so do we. That’s why we have Project RACE. We believe we can make a difference for multiracial people. Even kids!

- Karson


  1. I'm proud of you too, Karson!

  2. I don't remember Dr. King doing anything for multiracial people. What y'all did that day was good. But what did he do good for people of different races?

  3. Well, he worked for people to be treated equally regardless of race. That is the goal of Project RACE a I understand it. To work to see that multiracial people are treated equally, by having the ability to identify fully with proper terminology, by being included in medical and educational research and data, by not being subject to various kinds of racial discrimination, for instance...