Friday, December 7, 2012

PR Kids/PR Teens Book Review: Cat Girl's Day Off

Emilee is a member of the Project RACE Kids Krew!
 Here is the third Project RACE Kids book review from Lee and Low Books. I reviewed the first two myself, but this one looked like it was for girls (it even had "Girl's" in the title) so I passed it on to PR Kids Krew member, Emilee Dipp-Solis! Hope you like Emilee's review!     - Karson

Kimberly Pauley’s “Cat Girl’s Day Off” is about a high school sophomore, Natalie, who comes from a multiracial and multicultural family with a variety of supernatural abilities.Her special ability is to communicate with cats, but only her two best friends Oscar and Melly know. She is fully accepted as half Chinese and half Nordic by her peers in school. However, she is afraid of becoming an outcast once they learn about her special talent. When a movie is being filmed at her high school, she becomes involved in a mystery which leads her and her friends into a series of adventures. At the beginning of the book Natalie feels like she is of no importance compared to the rest of the family, but throughout her journey, she discovers that she is in fact an exceptional young lady who can make a difference in many people’s lives. The book is very entertaining and easy to read and has a nice positive message. 

NOTE FOR PARENTS: This book does have some mature content and is probably best for teens. If read by younger children, a parent may wish to read together or read it as well in order to discuss some thematic elements with the child.


  1. Great book review, Emilee! We love reading the books that our Project RACE Kids Krew recommends!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this book and sharing it with our members, Emilee! We've been very impressed with the books published by Lee and Low.

  3. My 2 children are also half Chinese. We will look for this book in our library.