Monday, November 26, 2012

We Share the Same Blood: I am Your Grandchild!

It’s a sad realization, but there are a few multiracial or biracial children who do not have a relationship with their grandparents and only because of one glaring reason – The child is biracial! Some grandparents cannot accept the fact that their own child has entered into relations with another who is of a different racial make-up than theirs.

I wonder how many grandparents who choose not to have a relationship with their biracial grandchildren realize the emotional effect they pose on these children, and for what good reason. Isn’t life far too short for this sort of nonsense?

Come on grandma and grandpa – It’s been 45 years since interracial marriages became legal in states. By now you’d think that most of us would come to terms with the fact that during this 21st century America we will see more and more interracial families among us. Isn’t it the right of any man or woman to have the freedom to marry whoever they want to? Isn’t this a person’s given right to live happily ever after with any person that they choose to regardless of their race?

I know that some people will have a problem with me bringing religion into this conversation, but I think a good question to ask is how God would tell us to handle this issue. I don’t think that he would approve of grandparents ill-treating their own flesh and blood – grandchildren, do you?

Grandparents, your biracial grandchildren are not:
  • Bastard children – since their parents are married
  • Mentally and physical inferior to your race – let this myth die
  • Second rated citizens – many are beautiful and talented
  • To be looked at as Minority citizens, but Biracial and/or Multiracial – They do not have to choose one race over the other if they do not want to
  • Prisoners of the Jim Crow “one drop rule” – help them denounce it!

Biracial children have the right to be recognized as be biracial. Their racial identity of who they are will be important so that they can be happy citizens in our society who can and will grow up proud, armoring self-pride/confidence as they resist the messages of racism from others. It’s too bad they can’t count on you!

Biracial children should be taught that they will encounter people who will ill-treat them, so they should be able to count on the support of their very own grandparents as they journey through the unavoidable racism of others. Racism permeates their lives as it is. The biracial child should be able to look to their very own family as a source of support and love. It is the families of the biracial child who help strengthen them, and help them deal with racial myths and unnecessary hatred and conflicts.

Grandparents, your biracial grandchild has the right to racial equality. Why wouldn’t he/she have that right? Don’t you think it silly for them not to have racial equality solely based on their racial identity? Are you willing to help your biracial child confront and deal with the struggles of racism? If not, why not? Do you understand the implications of social and racial inequalities that mixed-race children are faced with when people further hurt and isolate them?

Stop for a moment and examine your own life grandma/grandpa:
  • Are you seen as loving fair people, or Are you wearing a mask and hiding your true feelings of hate and vile?
  • Can you really hate/mistreat your very own blood – your grandchild?
  • Do you choose your friends and associates based on the color of their skin?
I think there is work to be done in this area, and grandparents can play a huge part in first steps by accepting and embracing their grandchildren with the love and support they need and deserve to survive peacefully in this society. Will you do your part grandparents? If not, it’s time for you to come to your senses and recognize the error of your ways. Life is too short to miss out on the fun times that can be enjoyed with your beautiful biracial grandchildren.

Grandparents — it’s time to get past this issue. Love your grandchildren regardless of their racial-makeup – Wake up!



  1. Thank you, Freda Brown. You are a wonderful role model for the entire multiracial community!

  2. Thank you, Cherrye! Thank you, Freda! Thank you to all the wonderful, proud, doting grandparents of our precious kids!

  3. "Biracial children should be taught that they will encounter people who will ill-treat them"

    I respectfully disagree.